Our Plan

We offer three type of work, Snippet Entry, Data Entry and Form Entry. Data Entry Job

Work TypeSnippet EntryData Entry Form Entry
Earning Per Right Entry (Rs.) 0.5 1 1.5
Membership Validity1 Year1 Year1 Year
Minimum PayoutRs.1000Rs.2000Rs.3000
Payout TypeMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Referral Earning3%4%5%
Estimated Earning Per Month 200030005000
Membership FeesFreeFreeFree


Snippet: Snippet means small form with only one field.
Data: In Data entry work you will get paragraphs to type.
Form: In form filling work we will give you form to fill.
Earning: you will get flat price per right entry as per plan. No deductions in amount.
Membership Validity: Each membership is valid for 1 year, if you are working with us than your membership will automaticaly renewed without any fees but if you are not working with us than your account will be deleted automaticaly after 1 year.
Minimum Payout: You have to earn atleast equal to your minimum payout.
Referal Earning: We want your help, so share our advertisement and promote our website on social media or with your friends and you will earn without any investment.
Eastimated Earning : This is a tentative figure, Your earning depend on your work. If you work more than you will earn more.