Frylock declares so it to get “depraved”; Move thanks your and you may claims he expectations she sees you to definitely inside him too

Frylock declares so it to get “depraved”; Move thanks your and you may claims he expectations she sees you to definitely inside him too

“Mail order Fiance” ‘s the first Christmas-inspired episode of the new Adult Move transferring show Aqua Teenager Desire for food Force, introduced and you will aired as the 17th bout of this new show’s basic 12 months.


As the a christmas present to on their own, Shake and Carl separated the cost of a mail-order bride to be out of Chechnya. Carl wants forward to sex the guy won’t have to spend for each big date, whenever you are Move try thrilled having anyone to prepare and you will brush and you can waiting into your. Carl and Move quickly begin attacking over that will get earliest the means to access the “co-fiance”.

Through to coming in, its Chechnyan bride-to-be Svetlana was immediately accosted by the Carl and you can Move and horrified from the both alternatives; Move demands she “enter the kitchen and you may cook [him] certain sausages” while Carl gifts their particular a tiny g-sequence and you can tells their particular to help you “lay that it to the and you may shake they”. She flees so you can Carl’s household and you will barricades by herself into the. While looking to supply his house through the second-story windows, Carl falls and you may vacations his neck. Svetlana sees which and on time fingernails a piece of plywood across the brand new windows. Next effort from the Carl to go into simply causes Svetlana in order to “shout on me inside code. eg a devil screaming within me or something”. She does be able to promote that she’s going to just perform some matrimony solution if she can stand secured for the Carl’s bedroom.

At the same time Meatwad and you can Frylock celebrate Christmas time. Frylock brings Meatwad the hair on your head he’d been requesting and you may Meatwad gives Frylock the fresh “wrap-around eyeglasses” he had been asking for: an arbitrary variety of pinecones and you may sticks very hot fixed to one another (while the Move explains, something similar to the machine the guy got the year ahead of, generated entirely regarding renders).

Once the category assembles additional Carl’s room into the wedding party (which have Carl wear a blue tuxedo having ruffles more a massive neck traction rig on account of their busted neck and you will Move wearing a black colored bowtie and you can cummerbund secured in order to their glass). Frylock proves unable to pronounce Svetlana’s history name. Carl says no matter, “only state Smith or Jones or something”. When Frylock cannot pronounce Carl’s last term either, Carl says to him “Simply state Smith also, it does not matter. Not one from the matters.” When Frylock says to them to slide the new band underneath the doorway, Move reveals he’s no band, and you may “isn’t really taking roped to the all of that” as he “hasn’t viewed food you to definitely that whole matter come.” Carl agrees, and you can Frylock skips it and you can announces all of them partnered, which instantaneously encourages Svetlana in order to crush Carl’s bedroom windows, eliminate toward a line created from bed sheets and you will flee the view from inside the Carl’s auto. Carl, amazed by the quickly small prevent of one’s relationships, muses you to definitely she seem to “got the vehicle”, and therefore Meatwad highlights are technically 1 / 2 of hers today, “otherwise a third. I dunno.”

The fresh new occurrence closes having good cheesy relationships DJ (hired because of the Move and you may voiced of the ever-amusing George Lowe) congratulating new “Mister(s) and you can Mrs. Portowsky”, hence encourages a good torrent out of discipline from Carl having mispronouncing their title, as well as a consult he “obtain the heck of right here”, whereupon Move reminds your obtained “got your ’til step three” while the bride to be is actually gone and you will nobody feels like dance except Meatwad.

The last world is an unusually-holding motion from sympathy out of Meatwad, which says to Carl he “understands he is injuring” and provide your a consolation Christmas present; a stick to a ribbon with it. Carl’s reviews: “Oh. An excellent.”

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